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What is a
CON29DW Commercial?
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The CON29DW Commercial is specifically designed for those purchasing or leasing land or commercial property.

‘Commercial property’ means land or buildings used or proposed to be used for commercial activities and includes offices, retail units, working farms, warehousing, development sites and commercial buildings used or intended to be used as dwellings.

With comprehensive information regarding water and sewerage services and infrastructure assets, CON29DW Commercial mitigates risk and provides peace of mind for commercial property professionals and their advisers.

Mitigating Risk

The CON29DW Commercial protects customers and their advisers through mitigating risks. It enables them to make informed decisions about their purchase by providing critical information that:

  • Mitigates risk without the need for insurance with indemnity levels specified
  • Is specifically for those purchasing or leasing land or commercial property and covers land or buildings used or proposed to be used for commercial activities
  • Provides the critical information regarding water and sewerage assets for a commercial property or land purchase.
Expert Knowledge

Industry specialists compile responses to the CON29DW Commercial questions making technical and often complex information accessible and understandable. Support is available to customers to enhance their understanding of the issues raised which include:

  • Specialist teams who expertly interpret and verify comprehensive drainage and water data, ensure integrity in our reports
  • Regularly updated information to reflect legislative and industry changes
  • Training for conveyancing professionals from the producer.
Comprehensive and Complete

Comprising 27 standard questions confirming that a property is connected to the mains supply and drainage, and it also includes, where possible, other key information regarding trade effluent consent licenses, and wayleaves and easements.

Peace of Mind

CON29DW Commercial reports are produced from complex data. Terms & Conditions are there to support property purchasers and their advisers. DWSN audits and validates its members on a regular basis to ensure compliance with quality and excellent service standards.

Customer Redress

The Property Ombudsman provides redress for CON29DW Commercial customers who are small businesses (including Charities and Trusts) that meet the following criteria:

  • a small business (or group of companies) with an annual turnover of less than £3 million;
  • a charity with an annual income of less than £3 million;
  • a Trust with a net asset value of less than £3 million.